Green Tourism

Like most places in Victoria Falls, we are conscious of our environmental impact. Living in a National Park is an amazing opportunity which we can’t afford to ruin. During construction, we have kept our responsibility to our environment and the planet in mind and strive to offer a sustainable experience.

  • Guest Amenities are sourced based on their sustainability and use of natural products

  • Solar Geysers and lights

  • Easily maintained garden

  • Bird baths

  • Locally sourced produce (supporting local)

  • Energy saving bulbs and fittings

  • Promoting green activities

  • Maintaining a small herb garden fed by our grey water supply from the kitchen

  • Using low impact air-conditioning

  • Reducing our food waste by providing a set menu

  • Recycling our plastic and paper with Victoria Falls Green Trust

  • Providing reusable glass bottles where possible in our bar

  • Using water saving shower heads

  • Encouraging guests to donate to local charities

Our sister lodge Bayete Guest Lodge supports our local wildlife by making donations towards the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit. PheZulu will be focusing on the local community, ranging from orphanages to old age homes and clinics. There are various projects in our high-density areas that are often overlooked and we as an organization would like to contribute towards the education and the general comfort and inclusion of these community members.

If you choose to stay with us and donate the $1/ person on departure you will be helping us make a difference to people in need. We are happy to accept donations of stationary, clothes and well, anything extra that you manage to bring along with you on your travels.

We also provide some recycle-able materials to the Children in the Wilderness Foundation. These items are either used for education or are transformed into artwork that is sold and the profits used to educate children (and adults) that are based further out of town on the importance of conservation and preservation of our environment.

If you would like to ask us any questions please contact us on